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Introduction:Non-metallic ceramics, such as zirconia-based materials, have transformed modern dentistry by providing aesthetic appeal, durability, and biocompatibility.

Non-metallic ceramics: These dental materials, made of ceramics such as zirconia, have good translucency and may be color-matched to natural teeth, making them suitable for realistic restorations.

Uses:Non-metallic ceramics can be utilized in dental procedures such as crowns, bridges, and veneers to provide functional and aesthetic options for restoring teeth and improving smiles.

Indications and contraindications:Non-metallic ceramics are appropriate for individuals who want to obtain a natural-looking restoration and are great in both anterior and posterior restorations. Excessive occlusal forces or a lack of space between the veneers may be contraindications.

Treatment procedure:Toothpreparation, impressiontaking, CAD design, CAM fabrication, andbondingorcementationareallpartofthetreatmentprocedure.

Benefits and drawbacks: Non-metallic ceramics are good for aesthetics, durability, wear resistance, and biocompatibility. Precision preparation and bonding processes are required, and the stiffness might transfer additional stress to the adjacent teeth.

Resultsofapplication: Non-metallic ceramic restorations give greater aesthetics and function, giving the restoration a natural, long-lasting appearance and boosting smiling and chewing abilities.

Side effects:Temporary sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli may occur when the repair is implanted, but this will resolve within a few days.

Types of non-metallic ceramics:Non-metallic ceramics are classified into three types: zirconia ceramics, lithium bipyrite ceramics, and alumina ceramics, each with unique features and applications.

Other considerations: Good oral hygiene and frequent dental exams are critical to the life of nonmetallic ceramic restorations. Patients must follow care guidelines to ensure the restoration’s integrity.

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